T26/1A 200 kV, T26/1B 400 kV y T26/1C 800 kV

T 26/1 - Ensayador portátil CC hasta 800 kV

Documentos de producto
  • Modular, ensamblaje en el lugar de ensayo
  • Fácil de transportar, opcional con hanger
  • Ensayo totalmente automático, grabación y análisis de los resultados obtenidos.
  • Nivel de interrupción ajustable para limitar la corriente máxima
  • Puesta a tierra automática, operación manual de emergencia para cumplir con las más exigentes normas de seguridad
  • Conexión para luces externas de seguridad e interruptor de emergencia
  • Bajo grado de nivel de descargas parciales
  • Registro y almacenamiento integrado
  • Almacenamiento externo por puerto USB
  • Recopilación por PDF integrada
  • Control remoto (como opción)

The T 26/1A and T 26/1B high-voltage test sets are efficient, mobile systems for high-voltage testing of cables, cable systems and installations as required by current regulations (VDE) with DC voltages of up to 400 kV and 650 kV respectively. The sets are suitable for both installation in measuring trailers and onsite testing as stationary test set. The spatial separation of the operating and high-voltage units makes it possible to operate the sets from outside the immediate danger area. Their modular structure makes them easy to set up on site and allows adaptation to measuring tasks.

The sets are primarily designed for power supply companies, cable laying firms and cable manufacturers for the DC voltage testing of high-voltage systems and cables. Their short-circuit-proof output circuit and high power make them suitable for use in fault location as a burn-down unit for burning high-impedance and intermittent cable fault.