VLF Sinus 45 kV

VLF Sinus 45 kV - Ensayos de cable con VLF 0,1 Hz Senoidal

  • El VLF Sinus 45 kV ha sido diseñado para:
  • Pruebas de aceptación de cables hasta 25 kV según IEEE 400.2
  • Pruebas de mantenimiento de cables hasta 35 kV según IEEE 400.2
  • Portátil
  • Capacidad de ensayo hasta 10 µF (40 km de cable). Tangente delta interno (opcional)
  • Permite realizar el ensayo de tensión soportada y seguimiento de tangente delta durante la prueba
  • Quemador
  • Gran pantalla color de 5.7”
  • Cómoda interfaz de usuario
  • Memoria interna

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Documentos de producto
Hoja de datos
Data sheet - VLF Sine Wave 45 kV
Guía de usuario
User Guide - VLF45
MeggerBook Report Edition
MeggerBook Report Edition Software
The free Report Edition of the MeggerBook Cable application allows for seamless report creation and offers the same features as the full version of MeggerBook Cable while limiting the data storage options as follows:

·    Measurements, analyses and reports are not permanently stored in the database

·    While cable import and storage are not limited, a maximum of 5 cables can be created using the cable editor of the Report Edition


Note for test systems VLF Sine Wave 45 and VLF Sine Wave 62:

Data of these test systems can only be imported into MeggerBook RE if the test systems is equipped with firmware version 3.14 or higher.
44,3 MB | 23/08/19
MeggerBook Report Edition Quick Guide
809,3 KB | 23/08/19
VLF Sinus 45 Firmware

Important: When upgrading from a firmware version <3.14 make sure to export all the test data you may still need for reporting purposes to a USB flash drive. Due to a change in the data format, old data will not be available for export after the update!

Installation instructions:

1. Extract the zip archive to the root folder of your USB flash drive.

2. Plug the USB flash drive in your VLF Sinus test system and turn it on.

3. Access the system menu via themenu item.

4. Select themenu item. The USB flash drive is scanned for appropriate firmware and language files which are then offered for selection.

5. Scroll down and select the application file (.img). The firmware update starts and may take a few minutes.

6. After the update has been finished, the system reboots automatically.

7. Perform steps 3 to 4 again to install your preferred language file(s).

VLF Sinus 45 Firmware
31,3 MB | 15/07/19