STVI - Interfaz Smart Touch ViewControlador portátil para equipos de prueba SMRT y MPRT

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  • Large High Resolution Color TFT LCD touch-screen intuitive smart navigation makes testing relays easier
  • Designed for either right or left handed operation with control knob centrally located
  • Automatic Ramp, Pulse Ramp, Binary Search and Pulse Ramp Binary Search Capability for pick up and dropout tests
  • Overcurrent Relay Test includes IEC, IEEE and hundreds of Specific Relay Time-Curves Built-in
  • Dynamic Testing Capability, Multi-Shot Trip and Reclose “Sequencing” test screen
  • Save/View/Print results from internal PowerDB OnBoard
  • Download results via USB to print

The Smart Touch View Interface™ (STVI) is Megger’s second generation of handheld controllers for the new SMRT and older MPRT1 relay test systems. The STVI, with its large, full color, new high resolution, and high definition TFT LCD touch screen allows the user to perform manual, steady-state and dynamic testing quickly and easily using the Manual or Sequencer test screens, as well as using built-in preset test routines for most popular relays.

Ergonomically designed for either right or left hand operation, rubber cushion grips, centrally located control knob, and a touch screen, the STVI is extremely easy to use. Use the new built-in stand for single-handed operation. The STVI uses a standard Ethernet cable, and Power Over Ethernet (POE) operation. The STVI includes non-volatile built-in data storage for saving tests and test results. A USB port is provided for transferring test results to your PC.


How to Update the RTMS Software on the STVI
There are two versions of the RTMS Software on the website. One is for the STVI (handheld controller) unit, while the other resides on your PC as PowerDB.v11.2. Both software programs should be updated with the latest version of RTMS software.

1. RTMS Software for PC: For the PC version click on RTMS Software for PC. When downloading the software onto your PC it will be saved as a zip file. You will need to create a temporary file folder and unzip the file to that folder. Note: If you have previously downloaded PowerDB from the website to a temporary file folder, please delete that file prior to downloading the new software. The software is an install version. If you have an older version of The RTMS 11.2 Software on your PC, the newer version will perform an upgrade of the older version. If you have saved test files to My Documents/PowerDB10.X (they will appear as PdbXml files) it is suggested that you copy those files to the temporary file folder as a backup (installing a new version of the software should not corrupt the saved files, but Megger recommends a backup of test records as a safety precaution). Then click on the Install.

2. RTMS Software for the STVI: Click on STVI Software for Handheld Controller/Onboard Version. The software will be downloaded onto your PC as a zip file. Unzip the file, open Onboard_Install folder, Select All files, and Copy to the root directory of a USB memory stick, or create a file on your PC for storage to unzip or extract to a file. If extracting to a temporary file folder on your PC label the file folder so that you can easily navigate to the folder when called upon. As referred to above, select all files and copy to a USB stick. With the STVI powered up, insert the USB memory stick into the USB port located on the top of the STVI. In the RTMS Home Screen, press the System Configuration button. In the System Configuration screen press the Update Firmware button. A “Upgrade Firmware” message box will appear, press the STVI Firmware button, a “PowerDB” message box will appear with the following message: “PowerDB has found a USB drive with a Software update. Would you like to update now?” Click on the green check if you want to proceed or the Red x if you prefer not to. The unit will automatically upgrade the RTMS Software. Do not remove the USB stick until after the Microsoft “Hibernation” screen appears. Then the “STVI” splash screen will appear and the unit will go through its power up sequence, when the default Home Screen appears, press the System Configuration button, then press the Display Versions button and verify the version of the software upgrade.


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