Technical documents for the MPQ1000

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Motor Analysis with the MPQ1000
Bearing failures are often blamed on poor lubrication. However, there are many other causes of bearing failures. Analysing the failure cause can lead to higher motor reliability.
Publicado: 20 diciembre 2018
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Demand Power and Energy (Part 1)
The term Demand pertains to both power and energy parameters. When referring to AC Power there are 3 different parameters to access, active power, reactive power and apparent power.
Publicado: 7 noviembre 2018
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Tarjetas SD para la serie MPQ
Different brands and types of SD Cards have different characteristics. This paper shows the recommended types to use with the MPQ series.
Publicado: 6 junio 2018
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Common PQ issues: voltage dips and swells
This paper will define the various types of voltage dips and swells that occur and the effect they have on various types of equipment. It also describes methodologies to measure and locate these events that cause equipment malfunction and failures.
Publicado: 6 junio 2018
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