Digiflex Com

Digital reflectometer with highest precision and resolution

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  • High local resolution of 2.5 m in the 50 m range
  • Easy to use with menu control and help functions
  • Adjustable distance depending amplitude correction (de-attenuation)
  • Clear presentation of refl ectograms with split screento show zoom and full view at the same time
  • Large illuminated LC display
  • Two measuring inputs for wire comparisons and coupling measurement
  • Single measurement, constant measurement, averaging, visualization of intermittent fault location IFL
  • Voltage protected measuring inputs up to 250V for detecting faults in live low voltage cables
  • Internal memory for 50 refl ectograms
  • Serial port for printer and PC
  • Refl ectograms can be transferred back from the PC to the Digifl ex memory together with the Winkis database software
  • Robust, splashproof housing for use in rough field conditions

Digifl ex Com is a compact, effi cient refl ectometer for detecting faults and measuring lengths of metallic telecommunications and power cables. Many helpful functions permit precise measuring results even in the near range <5 m and for live low voltage cables. These include e.g. resolution of 2.5 cm and a terminating set for near-range measurements, distancedependent compensation of cable attenuation for measurements up to 30 km and voltage-resistant measuring inputs up to 250V. The clearly structured LCD display permanently shows all settings, thus eliminating any confusing menu structures. Both inexperienced users and experts quickly find the right settings and the required results.